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Custom Manufacturers
Custom Manufacturing Parts To Your Specs

Custom Manufacturers - custom manufacturing parts to your specs

Outsourced custom manufacturing can give that competitive edge but with language barriers, cultural differences, fluctuating exchange rates, and trade restrictions, it is a daunting task.

There is an easier way — hire custom manufacturers. Con-Tech Custom Manufacturing specializes in contract production of high precision stainless steel, specialty metal and plastic components. Custom manufacturing is our world.

We act as an extension of your own manufacturing, bringing you high quality precision parts at a low cost.

We work exclusively with a select number of ISO-certified manufacturers in China, Taiwan and India. Due to our custom manufacturers' expertise, we consistently deliver a wide range of custom manufacturing requests that meet challenging requirements. Each job is crafted with pride and care that shines through in the finished part.

“When Con-Tech tells you they can get that part made on time and at the agreed price you can take that to the bank…We tried finding a manufacturer in China ourselves but we eventually just gave up—too much hassle—too much uncertainty. Working with Con-Tech Custom was a breath of fresh air.”—CDF Corporation

How We Work

It’s easy. Fill out and send us the Product Request Template . Or give us a call at 504-523-4785 to speak directly with the Con-Tech Custom Manufacturing team.

We’ll make sure we fully understand what the product is, what the target price is and when you need it. We match your needs with the right custom manufacturers and are back to you with a manufacturing proposal --often within 24 hours!

If we don’t think your request can be met on your timetable or your target price, we’ll tell you immediately. That being said, we routinely meet challenging criteria.

Because we know the ins and outs of custom manufacturing we can offer suggestions and alternatives that may save you money.

On your behalf, we are tenacious in seeking qualified manufacturers with efficient operations. From concept through design, prototyping, full production, import and delivery, we make sure there are no unwanted surprises.

Call Con-Tech Custom at 504-523-4785 or email us at to learn more about the world of global possibilities designed specially for your world.


Custom Manufacturing Capabilities

Metal Stamping – Con-Tech offers metal stamping, forming, and deep drawing capabilities to OEMs. Our manufacturers have years of tool & die experience as well various press sizes to accommodate jobs from small to large.

Casting – We offer sand, investment, and permanent mold castings in bronze, carbon steel , stainless steel, ductile iron, and aluminum. Our large network of casting manufacturers has the requisite experience to ensure the castings you purchase meet all relevant technical standards for materials and soundness. Foundries we represent perform continuous testing to achieve consistent results, including spectrographic analysis, tensile testing, hydrostatic testing, sand sampling and testing, and various other tests required as per customer specifications. Casting can offer near net shapes and limit the amount of finish machining required, often resulting in significant cost savings.

Machining – There are several machining options we can offer depending on the type of products required. From simple turned parts to complex shapes done in CNC or VMC equipment, Con-Tech can take on and complete jobs as per specifications. Turning, milling, broaching, threading, boring, gear forming, EDM wire forming, along with many other techniques are available through our partnership with a number of ISO certified machine shops in both Taiwan and China. Precision Machining

Fabricating – We partner with several companies that provide metal stamping and formed parts as well as welding and assembly. More and more of our customers look to us to provide complete assemblies that allow them to focus on their core products. We have the ability to provide stampings made in multiple materials along with ancillary parts such as welded fasteners, studs, flanges, and other components.

Finishing – Many of the parts we supply require certain finish requirements that are readily available. We are especially strong in polished stainless steel hardware for the marine and other industries. This market requires an extremely clean, often passivated, bright mirror finish for the decks of yachts the world over. For carbon steel and bronze or brass parts, parts are usually zinc or chrome plated. For other applications, such as for certain aluminums, we anodize or sand blast to provide the correct finish for the application.