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Plastic drum plugs for 55 gallon steel drums

This is our plastic drum plug offering for the 55 gallon steel drums. The drum plug sizes we offer are 2" and 3/4" with the NPT threads. We can supply plastic drum plugs made of Nylon and Polypropylene.

Minimum Order Quantities: 2" = 500/box; 3/4" = 1000/box.

"...products and services are great. We get prompt, courteous replies from you and your company. The parts we order sometimes arrive before expected date, which is great... I would like to see you stock a wider selection of drum gaskets and plugs, i.e. VGII gaskets. Keep up the good work."— Chris, Drum Tech US

Our Nylon Drum Plug has been subjected to extensive testing by Factory Mutual, also known as FM. This means both our 2” and ¾” plugs are Factory Mutual FIRE RATED. Our nylon plugs are recommended for customers that transport and/or store flammable or combustible contents in the drums. In case of a fire, the nylon plugs will melt and pop out of the drum in a quick manner relieving the pressure from inside the container. Con-Tech FM approved Nylon Plugs make steel drums in fire situations much safer than plastic drums or plastic composite IBC’s.  We supply our Nylon Plugs with Poly-irradiated, BUNA or EPDM gaskets.

Vented nylon drum plugs are also available in 2" and 3/4" sizes.


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"I purchase all of my steel line bungs from you and you have always been helpful and fair in negotiating our pricing for our bungs. You are always easy to get in touch with and respond back to me in a timely fashion which is becoming rare these days with many of my other vendors. You are, by far, one of our preferred vendors." — Laura, Recycle East

Another quality we offer with the nylon drum plugs is the nylon is FDA listed. This means that the Federal Department of Agriculture has approved the nylon as a material used in containers that can carry food products. The Poly-irradiated gaskets on these plugs are also FDA listed.

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The Polypropylene plugs are not FM approved.